Big Black x Rubix Litter Available June 2017

 New Spring 2017 litter dropped

BSB’s Big Black          &             BSB’s Rubix

Beautiful Rubix fawn XL Bully Pit









Today our girl Rubix had her pups. Rubix was bred to BSB’S Big Black, this breeding represents 8 years of hard work and patience at the BSB camp. This breeding was not done to produce our biggest or most extreme dogs, this pair was put together to create the look that put us on the map. With the greatest Boomer influence yet to date these pups will be built structurally sound with heavy muscle, heavy definition and that traditional bully pit bull look that has had people from around the world contacting us. This breeding was done first and foremost for us, unlike most breeders we plan out every breeding with purpose and a vision, this is the type of breeding that will keep us moving forward while keeping the traits and features that have made us successful. If you like Boomer than this breeding will produce the most consistent reflections of our main dog, with Rubix being a clone of her sire these pups will undoubtedly be some of these best we have ever produced. With Big black we add some of the extreme mass that our bully fans desire, yet keeping true to the look and correctness we strive for. These pups are not for everyone, we expect them to be active, agile and outgoing dogs that require strong experienced ownership that can provide them the great life they deserve. We have prided ourselves on producing high caliber dogs over the last 8 years and finding equally high caliber homes for our dogs. I will also put down the pricing matrix below for this breeding, I understand our prices aren’t for everyone however I strongly believe when purchasing a dog it is a long term commitment. When you factor our prices over the course of 8-12 years of owning one of our amazing animals we think they are more than fair, however if there are further questions and you can offer a great home then please don’t hesitate to ask. We do offer two sets of prices, those that reflect with full registration UKC and breeding rights as well as our Pet price which reflects dogs that are not sold with registration but can be had at a later date once proof of spay or neuter has been supplied. Also our pups are vet checked and vaccinated before going to their new homes, ear cropping is at the buyers expense. Thank you for your time and interest.

BSL – Quebec to Follow Ontario Pitbull Ban

BSL Breed Specific LegislationIt saddens Black Smoke Bullies to announce that Quebec has voted to follow Ontorio’s Pit Bull ban. What does this mean for Pit Bull owners? This sadistic and discriminatory law means that Quebec’s Pitbull  owners have until January 1, 2017 to quote “get rid of their dogs.” Furthermore, law makers do not care how you “dispose” of your dogs, just that you do in the allotted time frame. Additionally, owners have until January 1, 2017, to have dogs in this category removed (see below) will be fined $1,000 per offense and the dogs will be seized and destroyed. This is a very serious matter and we hope that you stand with us and support all anti-BSL laws. Please go out and vote against this legislation, speak for these dogs, and share and make others ware of what is happening! Please don’t let “them” kill our family members. Stand up for this breed who has no  voice.

Below is a list of dog included in this ban.

Quebec’s List of “Pitbull” Dogs

Pitbulls, as defined by the lawmakers in Quebec and many areas of Canada are as follows:

  • American Pit Bull Terrier (aka Pitbull or APBT)
  • American Staffordshire Terrier (aka Amstaff)
  • Bull Terrier
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier (aka Staffy Bull)
  • Any mixes of these breeds
  • Any dog resembling a purebred or mix of these breeds – “any dog that has an appearance and physical characteristics that are substantially similar” – meaning if it looks like a Pit or Pit mix and you can’t prove (through a reputable purebred registry) it is a breed aside from the above listed breeds, it is a “Pitbull”.

We hope that even if you are not in this area that you stand up, speak out, and get angry about this type of legislation. Additionally, no breed is safe. In fact, there are over 75 breeds (including many of the traditional “family breeds” that are on the BSL/Vicious Dogs list. These breeds include Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers, the Pug and even French Bulldogs! Hence, lawmakers with an agenda will NOT stop with these breeds. Moreover, this is a ridiculous law, and again, we hope you stand with us to fight BSL!



How to Construct a Flirt Pole

pitbull flirt poleWe are avid believers that a tired, worn out (exercised) puppy is a well behaved puppy! While continued training is key, proper exercise is especially important. A flirt pole makes exercise easy. Black Smoke Bullies recommends this tool because it is easy to make, inexpensive, easy to use, and a great toy even for owners who have limited mobility. 20-30 minutes several times a week is all you need with this. It will help with lean muscle development, focus, and of course – unwanted behavioral issues related to pent up (unused) energy and axiety related issues (such as chewing up the house)! It requires very little energy from the owner to exercise your Bully with a flirt pole. It is a great all around tool, and we are going to show you how to make one. It is extremely simple and very inexpensive! It is a necessity for any home with a Pitbull or American Bully puppy or young adult.


  • (THE POLE): PVC Pipe, 1/2″ to 3/4″ in diameter, approximately 3′ long (your local home supply can cut  these in store for you)
  • (THE CORD): Bungee (type) Cord (thickness needs to be less than the diameter of the PVC pipe you choose) with the anchoring hooks on both ends cut off, approximately 8′ in length.
  • (THE BAIT): We suggest any of these, but you can use pretty much anything that can be fastened securely to the cord: Raw rabbit hide, fleece, raw cow hide/leather, an unwrapped rawhide, a stuffed dog toy, old cut up sheets or bedding, dried cow ear, or anything your dog wants to catch!
  • (THE HANDLE): Optional – Good ‘ol duct tape!


  • Thread the entire cord through the PVC pipe. Tie a double or triple knot at one end to anchor the cord (this will be the side used as the handle).
  • Tie another double knot as close to the PVC pipe as possible on the end where the cord hangs out (this is to just keep the cord from slipping back through, and does not have to be perfect).
  • At the end of the cord, securely fasten your bait. It can be wrapped several times if necessary. It does not have to be pretty at all.
  • If desired, wrap duct tape around the end of the PVC pipe for the handle, just so you have some grip.

So, the object of this toy is to NOT let your puppy or dog catch the bait! Toss it out like a fishing rod, spin in circles, pull it up to make the “bait appear to “hop” – whatever you can do to be sure your dog does not catch the bait! It is similar to a cat toy, just larger scale.