BSB’s Sam

Height: 20″
Head: 24″
Weight: 107 lbs
Color: Fawn Brindle
Registration: UKC

If the pictures don’t say enough than let me fill you in, BSB’S Sam is flat out one of the freakiest, bulliest females worldwide. With a massive front end, monster bones and a head the size of most kennels top studs, Sam is really a one of a kind specimen. Sam not only represents what the ideal XL pit bull female should look like, she redefines it, and will continue to do so with her offspring going forward. With Sam and her sister Prim, the future of the Black Smoke Bully camp going forward is extremely bright as they are truly two of the best put together females on the planet.

XL Fawn Pit

XXL Bluenose Extreme Bully




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