Sunline’s Ms. Piggy

Height: 18″
Head: 22″
Weight: 85 lbs
Color: Blue & White
Registration: UKC

Ms. Piggy is a daughter to the infamous Vyking’s Epik making her a half-sister to the 163lb Freak of Nature Probulls’ Smasher. Top that off with the fact her mother is a litter mate to another worldwide XL Pitbull Legend the 145lb Monster, Sunline’s Knuckles. In short, Ms. Piggy has one of the best pedigrees in the XL Pit Bull world and is a great addition to the BSB program. Piggy has an extremely wide chest, and great bone with a big blocky head. She has one of the easiest going, happy go lucky personalities you will find in a dog. Piggy already produced a phenomenal litter for us and we have her son Walter White who will be a huge part of our future. If you’re looking for the Extreme Bully Pitbull look and size then keep an eye out for what we have in store for Ms. Piggy.