BSB’s Luna

Luna the muscled up pitbull
Height: 18″
Head: 23.5″
Weight: 93 lbs
Color: Black Seal
Registration: UKC

With the caliber of females in our lineup it’s hard to imagine one standing above the rest, but Luna is so spectacular that she may just be that “one”. Off our infamous Boomer X Nala breeding Luna brings the sheer muscle and structure of Boomer coupled with the size and mass of Nala. Luna is as complete a package pit bull as you will find in the world, absolutely stunning in every sense of the word and with her dark coat and tight skin she represents everything we strive to produce at the BSB camp! If I retired from the dogs tomorrow and never bred another dog, I could rest easy knowing I produced two of the best in BSB’S Boomer and his daughter BSB’S Luna. Fortunately that won’t be happening anytime soon and that means a very elite and select few will have the chance to own a pit bull pup off this girl in the very near future.