BSB’s Big Black

Massive Black American Bully
Height: 19″
Head: 26″
Weight: 108 lbs
Color: Black Seal
Registration: UKC
Stud Fee: $3,000

When we bred BSB’S Boomer to Vykings Nala this was the type of male we wanted to produce. Big Blocky head piece, big thick bones, extreme and built like a Mack Truck. Well we succeeded, Big Black represents the vision wrapped up in one package. A nice combination of extreme blood through his Grand Sire Vykings Epik and the clean ripped up BSB’S Boomer blood we already had locked down. Big Black is one of the most physically impressive dogs you will see in person. With the intensity in his eyes, dark black coat and panther like build, Big Black is the type of dog many dream of owning. We look forward to bringing this rare combination of extreme features on a pit bull dog to further our program here at Black Smoke Bullies.