BSB’s Dozer

Height: 19″
Head: 26.5″
Weight: 116 lbs
Color: Brindle
Registration: UKC
Stud Fee: $2,500

Big Thick Brindle Bully … BSB’S Dozer has the Bone, the Head and The Mass to stack with any XL Bully pit bull anywhere anytime. Unlike most the XL dogs which are tall, lanky with long backs, Dozer is compact with a short back and mass upon mass and a headpiece that gives most small elephants a run for their money. As big and bully as Dozer is he has the perfect disposition for an XL bully Pit bull, raised with three small children Dozers most important job in life is taking care of his people. But when it comes to the BSB Camp, Dozer will be a huge part of producing the future Big Bully XL Pit bull dogs here at Black Smoke Bullies!