BSB’s Boris

Height: 19″
Head: 26″
Weight: 111 lbs
Color: X
Registration: UKC
Stud Fee: $2,000

Freaky and Freaky with a touch of more freaky, BSB’S Boris has the biggest paws on a dog I’ve ever seen with front legs built like fence posts. With a signature Robo headpiece and the extreme traits combined with Rogie our super producer (mother to Mia and Boomer) Boris represents yet another piece to the BSB puzzle. So short, so thick and so freaky he is the last son we produced off Rogie, we know what his half-brother Boomer has brought to the program and although very different dogs Boris brings an element like no other dog in the world. We are extremely excited to incorporate this boy in the program so he can pack his bone and mass on some of our freaky BSB Females!