Big Black x Rubix Litter Available June 2017

 New Spring 2017 litter dropped

BSB’s Big Black          &             BSB’s Rubix

Beautiful Rubix fawn XL Bully Pit









Today our girl Rubix had her pups. Rubix was bred to BSB’S Big Black, this breeding represents 8 years of hard work and patience at the BSB camp. This breeding was not done to produce our biggest or most extreme dogs, this pair was put together to create the look that put us on the map. With the greatest Boomer influence yet to date these pups will be built structurally sound with heavy muscle, heavy definition and that traditional bully pit bull look that has had people from around the world contacting us. This breeding was done first and foremost for us, unlike most breeders we plan out every breeding with purpose and a vision, this is the type of breeding that will keep us moving forward while keeping the traits and features that have made us successful. If you like Boomer than this breeding will produce the most consistent reflections of our main dog, with Rubix being a clone of her sire these pups will undoubtedly be some of these best we have ever produced. With Big black we add some of the extreme mass that our bully fans desire, yet keeping true to the look and correctness we strive for. These pups are not for everyone, we expect them to be active, agile and outgoing dogs that require strong experienced ownership that can provide them the great life they deserve. We have prided ourselves on producing high caliber dogs over the last 8 years and finding equally high caliber homes for our dogs. I will also put down the pricing matrix below for this breeding, I understand our prices aren’t for everyone however I strongly believe when purchasing a dog it is a long term commitment. When you factor our prices over the course of 8-12 years of owning one of our amazing animals we think they are more than fair, however if there are further questions and you can offer a great home then please don’t hesitate to ask. We do offer two sets of prices, those that reflect with full registration UKC and breeding rights as well as our Pet price which reflects dogs that are not sold with registration but can be had at a later date once proof of spay or neuter has been supplied. Also our pups are vet checked and vaccinated before going to their new homes, ear cropping is at the buyers expense. Thank you for your time and interest.