Canada’s Top XL Bully Pitbull Breeders

Welcome to Black Smoke Bullies, Canada’s Top Camp of  XL Pitbulls & XL Bullies. We are Canada’s Best Pitbull Breeders. What began nearly fourteen years ago as a fascination with these blue Bully Pitbulls has since become as passion. As a result, the breed has developed into what we now know as the American Bully. In that time I have seen the breed undergo many changes. Changes including the pocket Bullies, XL Bully Pit Bulls, to Exotics and Extreme Bullies. Black Smoke Bullies however has maintained a consistent vision and goal to produce well-rounded exceptional examples of the XL Pitbulls & XL Bullies. With an emphasis on heavily muscled, structurally correct, well-balanced dogs that are bred to be the consummate companion and family dogs. At Black Smoke Bullies we pride ourselves on producing American Bully dogs that are breed ambassadors that can be the pride of their families and the bully community.

Ambassadors of the American Bully & Pitbull Breed

XL PitbullFrom the beginning my goal was to produce American Bullies that would stand out among the rest. Most kennels purchase multiple dogs from big name kennels in hopes to ride the coattails of their successes. It seems like they continually purchase dogs instead of breeding better dogs. At Black Smoke Bullies our best dogs where produced right here – BSB’S Boomer and BSB’S Mia, down to their offspring BSB’S Prim and BSB’S Rubix. Our yard of XL Pitbulls & XL Bullies is a result of the hard work and effort in trying to produce the best possible American Bully. This shows with multiple dogs winning on the world stage in the ABKC in the US, and EBKC events in Sweden & Holland. Our dogs have proven they are among the Elite.

A Premier Breeder of XL Pitbulls & XL Bullies

We are Canada’s elite bully camp, specializing in massive, functional XL Pitbulls and Bullies. We do not breed often and we do not produce litters with the mindset of just trying to sell pups. We breed for our goals, our program and ourselves first and foremost. When looking for a pup whether from us or another kennel you should always keep in mind that if the breeder is goal orientated and has a passion for furthering their own program then you could be assured they are trying to provide their customers with the same quality they themselves are striving for.

Quality Bully & Pitbull Breeders

While our prices will not be for everyone, we understand that. However the time, effort and care we put into our animals is reflected in our prices. Consequently, the caliber of dogs we own and produce would be enough to justify our prices. However it is the countless hours behind the scenes, properly exercising the dogs daily, proper housing and diet, veterinary expenses, and everything else that goes into our dogs is how we’ve come to our prices. In conclusion, we REFUSE THE RIGHT TO SELL TO THOSE UNFIT TO OWN OUR DOGS. Money does not buy peace of mind and we will sell only to the highest quality homes possible. We produce high caliber American Bully and Pitbull puppies for high caliber homes. We will gladly work with those who truly have the dog’s best interest in mind. Please enjoy your stay, look around and contact if you have any questions or would just like to talks dogs.

Questions? Please contact us with any inquiries on our XL Pitbull puppies and XL studs.